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Funny howard wolowitz quotes and sayings

Leonard Hofstadter Quotes – The Big Bang Theory Related posts: Penny Quotes – The Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler Quotes – The Big Bang Theory. Howard Wolowitz + MRI humor = best meme ever! .. Baby ill treat you like my homework quotes quote baby funny quotes nerd funny quotes and sayings. In a lot of ways, Howard Wolowitz is the funniest character on The Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon Cooper’s jokes may became annoying or redundant, Wolowitz’s lines are always fresh and perfectly timed, even if sometimes they are a little creepy. Simon Helberg has become a.

The Funniest Quotes From The Big Bang Theory. June 2, Howard Wolowitz quotes. amy-farrah-fowler-quotes the big bang theory copy. Read through our collection of Howard Wolowitz's best quotes from The Big Bang Theory. Read through our collection of Mrs. Wolowitz's best quotes from The Big Bang Theory. Mrs. Wolowitz Howard, are you having a playdate? Howard: I don't have playdates. Howard: Who? Mrs. Wolowitz Okay, now she's saying it's Penny.

Quotes. Showing all 28 items. Sheldon Cooper: I've been thinking about it, and I suppose I.. Howard Wolowitz: Well, she lies around all day eating Mallomars and hollering at me, so her transformation from my Sheldon Cooper: Funny wordplay? . Penny Hofstadter: Because you keep saying stupid things with yours. When science got your funny bones. Pick up lines can go either way, this we learnt from the life of Howard Wolowitz of The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory. I just discovered this funny. Howard Wolowitz Quotes, Go To to get more Gossip News!.