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How to get bf3 dlc free ps3

Early in the morning for me and the PS store still says unavailable. Trying to get it for the PS3. UPDATE!!!! IF YOU SEARCH FOR THE. All DLC's are now free for Console and later today PC Also Don't bother to buy the battlefield 4 premium just put those dlc's in the library and you have them for ever! Battlefield, Battlefield 1, CTE, BF1IncursionsAlpha Member BF3BF4BFH BF1 I'm still not seeing anything Free for the PS3, only the PS4. An interestingly encountered glitch have Battlefield 3 players baffled by managing to grab Battlefield 3 Premium for free. This is actually a rather simple method.

To celebrate the fact that 1 billion collective hours of Battlefield 3 have been played, DICE is giving away the Close Quarters DLC for free on all. Electronic Arts are teaming up with DICE to offer all Battlefield 3 owners a free copy of the Close Quarters DLC if you don't already have it. Essentially Close. I cannot believe i didn't notice this, i booted up BF3 and it said on the any DLCcannot argue against free stuffnote: you must download it th.

Solved: Hi I used to have Battlefield 3 for PS3 and since I preordered it, I got the Back to Karkand dlc free. Now I got BF3 in the Humble Bundle for. Requires to have BF3 base game. You will find Battlefield 3 Close Quarters at 0 cost in the in-game store on PS3 and X starting June