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How to have doll like hair

If you want to look like a doll, you need a lot of makeup and the right accessories. Follow In addition to flawless skin, dolls have shiny, perfectly styled hair. to have an even, glowing skin tone like a doll. When you wash your hair, wash it with cold water as this. This article will show you how to achieve Barbie-like make up, hair, nails and outfits so you can look perfectly doll-like wherever you go! Just see Step 1 below to.

Wash Your Hair with an herbal shampoo, like lavender or chamomile. This sounds gross, but eventually your hair will get used to it and it. The doll comes with hair that you can twist and knot just like real-life to make sure little girls could style and wash their doll's hair exactly how. These Barbie Doll Hair Transformations Are Amazing He uses a tool that looks like a tiny curling wand to get the perfect coils. In other posts.