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Who cares about the oscars anymore

Academy Awards ratings plummet to an all-time low. I'm more fascinated by what that disparity in ratings is presumed to suggest, that more people tune in to the Oscars when they've seen and care. Hollywood learned a tough lesson on Sunday night: no one cares about their virtue-signaling. That’s what has come to be expected from the Academy Awards and thus, very few tuned in to watch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, viewership of the awards show only hit million.

So it has been a little less than a week since Hollywood's biggest trophy ceremony, the Oscars. In the weeks leading up to the awarding of dozens of little golden. The Emmys aren't the only awards show suffering: the Oscars garnered a paltry (for the Oscars) million viewers, and a That's not the case anymore. People won't care as much if they've never seen the nominees. I loved movies and in my naive young mind, I thought the Oscars were Nowadays, I don't watch it anymore but I do pay some attention to it.

In the #MeToo era, the 90th Academy Awards look likely to be an exercise in crisis containment — and Kate Muir has had enough of the whole. Do the Oscars matter anymore? The question is sacrilege in this town, where image and myth have so subsumed reality that red carpet scrutiny. A short dip into why the Academy Awards can't seem to attract the viewing audience it once did. You may not have heard about it, since reportedly nobody really cares about the Oscars anymore. As someone who religiously watches, and.