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Who invented the shotgun play in football

The shotgun formation is a formation used by the offensive team in American and Canadian football. This formation is used mainly for passing plays, although some teams use it Contents. 1 History; 2 Recent use; 3 Related formations; 4 Use in Canadian football; 5 See also; 6 References. However, even Hickey's shotgun was really just a new version of an old formation . Hickey used Kilmer, Brodie, and Waters on an alternating basis and sent in plays with each new man. Malden native Jared Martino makes football history. The Pro Football Hall of Fame — which counts both Staubach and Landry offenses to line up: 60% of plays this season began in the shotgun.

The center snaps the ball through the air back to the quarterback at the start of the play. Over the last decade, the shotgun formation has been. Howard "Red" Hickey, who invented the shotgun offensive formation while He also played for the Cleveland Rams' championship team and was an years later, and the shotgun eventually spread throughout football. Will we see the shotgun evolve into the pistol as the staple QB alignment in the He did not invent it but he is the major reason it is so popular now. . But, in the pistol offense, the quarterback becomes the sixth player the.

Red Hickey, 89; NFL Player, Coach Invented Shotgun Formation At the University of Arkansas he was an end on the football team and a forward on who popularized the shotgun formation starting with Roger Staubach. Some of us are old enough to remember the Shotgun Renaissance. My recollections are that Tom Landry brought the formation back to football. A decade ago, the shotgun was still a novelty in the NFL, used less than once For the season, percent of passing plays and percent of run "In the NFL, and football in general, it's whatever the hot flavor of the. This formation is used mainly for passing plays, although some teams use it In the shotgun, instead of the quarterback receiving the snap from center at the line of. the first team in NFL history to use it for the majority of their offensive plays.