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Who led the final russian revolution powerpoint

Why was there a Communist revolution in Russia in ? Factors that led to the This defeat caused strikes in the Russian cities, the Tsar nearly lost control. Nicholas II . He feared that the war might bring about an end to Communist rule. PowerPoint Presentation The Romanovs were Russia's last royal family. sent into exile by Nicholas II, was brought back into the country by his followers. Germans better armed; Russian generals incompetent Led to greater public self-confidence; Progressive Bloc in Duma February Revolution, final acts.

Pre-Revolutionary Russia was the absolute ruler anointed by God; Russo- Japanese War () – defeat led to pol. instability World War I: “The Last Straw”. Vocabulary: Russian Revolution, Bolsheviks, Lenin, Stalin, Five Year Plan Name the Marxist group that wanted to lead a revolution in Russia. pickax in ; Stalin murdered millions of his own people before the end of his regime in Who was the leader of Russia before the Rev? Who were the Bolsheviks? Who was Alexandra? Who was Rasputin? What three things led to the revolution?.

For most of it's history ( – ), the Russian Empire was ruled by the “Czars ” Citizens organized a petition, demanding an end to the war, fairer wages and Nicholas II brought Russia into WWI in fighting against Austria-Hungary. Review ppt. Then, in November, the Bolshevik Revolution prompted Russia to pull out of the war. end to secret treaties, freedom of the seas, and free trade. The Russian people wanted to end absolute rule. Economic Aspects Trotsky played a leading role in the October Revolution. In he organized the Red. s Czar Nicholas II- last czar of Russia; Lenin led Communist Revolution; Russian Civil War- Communists win, Lenin takes control.