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Live from the Happy Endings Comedy Club in Sydney, Greg banters on bin In the latest dispatch from the Fortress of Proopitude, Greg and Jennifer wax on. Proops standing with Ryan Stiles on the britich version of Whose Line? Gregory Everett Proops was born on October 3, in Poenix, Arizona, U.S. He is. Greg Proops is a comedian whose moniker is The Smartest Man In The World. He runs two popular podcasts called The Smartest Man In The He is also well known for being a performer on the hit TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? . The games are short form, but they aren't rapid fire (such as Hats or.

Josie Lawrence with Ryan Stiles in the original Whose Line is it Anyway? We'd each put on a different hat and pretend to be interviewed. It's the same with Greg Proops: you feed him a line and he pauses, looks at you as if you are an idiot, then . Have a listen to Greg Proop's podcast or "Proopcast". Here's a video for the Greg Proops and Whose Line Fans. --Doobly .. See more. Podcasts | The Smartest Man in the World by Greg Proops -- Greg Proops is .. Funny pictures about Scenes From A Hat Escalated Quickly On Whose Line. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Greg proops, Whose line and Smart men. YouTube whose line is it mega collection of scenes from a hat. Find this Pin . Podcasts | The Smartest Man in the World by Greg Proops -- Greg Proops is.

Greg Proops is more than just that guy from Whose Line is It Anyway. He is more than just the host of his fantastic The Smartest Man in the World podcast, 9/26 Esplanade Arts and Heritage Center | Medicine Hat, Alberta.