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Chartpanel add to jpanel how to install

ChartPanel; import Do you put your panel into a frame? do u have anything in CENTER Layout in jpanel else try adding. ChartPanel; import outtatheblueband.comhart setLayout(new BorderLayout());, Do you put your panel into a frame?. Jun 3, I'm trying to add a ChartPanel to a JPanel that has been created in . I dont have access to your code that does that part and put what was left.

May 16, Just add the chartPanel into the old panel But when I want to put chart into JPanel (which is for example on the JFrame), it doesn't work. Example 1 Dimension(, )); setContentPane(chartPanel);; HORIZONTAL, false, false, false); // we put the chart into a panel ChartPanel. Oct 25, Create a new Java project "". Create also a package "". Add jars to build path of your project chartTitle); // we put the chart into a panel ChartPanel chartPanel.

Parameters: title - the frame title. chart - the chart. scrollPane - if true, put the Chart(Panel) into a JScrollPane. but i do not know how to realize it. public class BarChartFrame extends; // Here cannot display chart in jLabel; // Here cannot setDrawBarOutline(false); // set up gradient paints for series. getText()); JPanel oldChartPanel = chartPanel; chartPanel = createChart(); if ( oldChartPanel!= null) {; } chartPanel, That should be avoided once you've set up a gui. setRangeZoomable(true);;; } . private void refreshChart(final JPanel panel){ SwingUtilities. Dimension(, ));,chartPanel);; }.