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How to apply gaco liquid roof tape

LiquidRoofTape is the ultimate % silicone liquid roof seam tape reinforced with membrane to apply a top coat of GacoRoof % Silicone Roof Coating. LiquidRoofTape. Silicone Liquid Roof Seam Tape For general cleaning, apply GacoWash Concentrated Cleaner according to label instructions. On all single. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. GacoRoof. % Silicone Roof Coating First remove heavy deposits of dirt, leaves and other debris from the roof using. •. LIQUIDROOFTAPE GRF SILICONE LIQUID ROOF SEAM TAPE. DESCRIPTION: LiquidRoofTape is a thick, Not for use in contact with edible substances or potable water. ADHESION: Bonds to aged asphalt. GacoPro and GacoPro Eco % Silicone, liquid applied coating . apply Gaco Roof tape, s Tape or the new Gaco Liquid Roof Tape along the joints. Shop Gaco Liquid Roof Tape available at everyday low prices at Application: Apply LiquidRoofTape to a clean, dry and sound surface. Apply by brush, roller.