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How to clean pizzacraft pizza stone

Essential maintenance and usage tips on how to clean a pizza stone and keep it in great shape for future and long-lasting use. Use your pizza peel to slide an uncooked pizza onto the stone. Remove the cordierite stone from the oven and clean by running under cool water and. Many people who buy pizza stones either use them wrong or end up ruining their stone from trying to season it or clean it wrong. This blog will.

In general, you should not need to clean your pizza stone on a regular basis, . A pizza stone helps your home oven mimic the effects of a brick oven but Also, never leave it in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle because it may break. I used our pizza stone for the first time today and a bit of drippy cheese got onto it. What's the best @Adam-dhorst is still busy practicing her pizza craft at home.