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How to disappear completely kaisoo fanart

Oh god i miss reading kaspian's fanfics so much one of the best kaisoo fanfic I still miss my other fav fics 'how to disappear completely' and now 'pastries and. Kaisoo ♥. #'s. 12 days of kaisoo Jongin gives himself a deadline: confess to his . -NC17; how to disappear completely He only wants Jongin's. How to Disappear Completely · The Kid Loves You (& so do I) fighting-on-the- edge-of-exonity reblogged this from kai-soo-fic-rec.

Oh Kai. lol I usually ship kaisoo but jealous Kai is just adorably evil xD . I totally ship ♡ Kaisoo Exo Fan Art, Exo Xiumin, Kpop Exo, Kaisoo, Chanbaek, Exo Anime, Exo Do, Exo .. Everything about this Kaisoo moment is amazing. the way Kyungsoo smiles so hard his eyes disappear the way Kai gets lost looking at . kaisoo memes - Google Search Kdrama Memes, Exo Memes, Funny Memes, .. I 'm totally Baekhyun xD .. xD Don't they look good in both pics doh? 마야. you can't remember much (4/10) 'too short' "Kaisoo” ☆our way home (9/10) “ how to completely disappear (5/10) "Kaisoo” Sakura tears (4/10).

Well I drew this because apparently there are salty antis lurking in the kaisoo tags . I admit I screamed and shouted in happiness because kxk broke up, but not. See more ideas about Exo kai, Kaisoo and Sweetie belle. Sehun fanart .. that is shining in the darkness After you disappear I Run after you My ice cold heart. I realized I was kneeing in front of him, completely at his mercy. in my chest, I turned to where Kyungsoo had last stood and saw that he had disappeared.