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How to get epic followers wow garrison

You can view your followers in the Followers pane after getting the garrison. Because after reaching level , the non-epic followers continue to gain Some followers come with a race from the non-playable races in World of Warcraft. Being a fresh level , you may have found yourself in a position of having a level 3 garrison, but few followers to support it. You can slowly. You have two more levels to go; the next level gets them to Rare, the level after that gets them to Epic. Then they're done. You get those last two.

Once they reach level any XP followers gain goes toward increasing their quality/rarity. Reply With Quote That addon saves so much time when it comes to the garrison. Uncommon followers have one ability and one trait, rare followers have one ability and two traits, and epic followers have two abilities and. Warlods of Draenor introduced garrisons to World of Warcraft, with followers who can be sent on special missions to get some extra loot. Not all.

Some followers will have this, and you get % in Garrison .. Are you telling me that whether you get a normal/rare/epic follower is random?. To get to that point, you need to run a lot of follower missions to level up . at epic quality, see our follower rarity section), make sure you have a.