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How to get my past years w2s

You can also use Form T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return. Check the box for Form W-2, specify which tax year(s) you need, and mail or fax the. If you are attempting to obtain your current tax year W-2 in order to file your current tax returns, and it is past February. If you realized you lost a prior year W-2, there's still hope. The process to get a copy of a W-2 can be fairly simple. In order to receive a copy of.

If you lost your prior-year W-2 forms, how do you file past tax returns? you your lost W-2 Forms, or you don't want to contact your employer, you can get a Wage. TurboTax does not have a copy of your W-2—the Wage & Tax Statement—issued to you by your employer, (nor does TurboTax have copies of your 's). Filing your taxes requires submitting your W2 tax form. Your employer should provide you with this form by the end of January of the present tax year.

If you can't find your W-2 form from a previous tax year, your employer, the IRS or your state revenue agency can help you get a copy for your. Assuming you've already tried with your prior employer and the payroll company in charge of processing your W2s for the year(s) in question, you can fill out. Duplicate W-2's may be requested via phone starting on February 18, For faster service employees are encouraged to download a copy using the. See How You Can Find a Copy of a Past Tax Return at the US Tax Center. You may need a copy of your tax return if you lost tax documents for a particular year. Transcripts are available for the following IRS tax forms: Form W-2, Form.