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How to install awstats on windows 2008

Before setting up AWStats, you will need to make sure Perl installed on your Windows Server /IIS 6 or Windows Server /IIS 7 machine. Install and configuration awstats on windows Download. AWStats - Open Source Log File Analyzer for advanced statistics (GNU GPL). , AM. WordPress Hosting on to install AWStats: First, one needs to download and install Perl on their web server. Below mentioned is the procedure to install AWStats on web server: Steps 1: Setting up.

To install AWStats on Windows, first download the current version from awstats. org. If you don't have Perl on your machine, get Strawberry Perl. This tutorial will install AWStats to monitor traffics to Apache web server running on Windows operating system, specifically Windows XP. AWStats ( is a free Open Source (Perl based) package. have a Windows Server or R2 server with IIS Installed.

Step by step instructions on how to install AWStats on a local computer. To see if Perl installed correctly type in perl -v at a Windows command prompt Since AWStats version is the latest (as of Aug ) I will be using it as the example . Since the application is written in Perl, it makes sense to install it first. There are a couple of distributions available for Windows. I decided to use. I am looking for a full tutorial to install Awstats on IIS 8 please!? I tried some Microsoft MVP [Windows Server] Datacenter Management.