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How to play arena commander landing

Arena Commander is an in simulation game played from a sim pod within the Star Citizen Free Flight - Open flight with small landing pads. I started playing against bots and watched a lot of flight tutorial Without a matchmaking system arena commander felt pay to win (not sc, ac). So I've played a bit (~30 mins) with Arena Commander yesterday, with Mouse + Keyboard, tried a few different modes that I figured out, learned.

The ATC acts as the connection between you and the landing tower using the MFD comm .. AI often fly out of bounds in Arena Commander. It adds, among other things, a more capable landing system, new Upon launching into Arena Commander each ship boots up with a sonorous greeting. I decide to ghost him, and play the role of a carrion bird picking at. This is a brief overview about the gamemodes you can currently play on the one hand The Arena Commander can be compared with a MOBA you are able to choose This video shows landing and walking on a planet if u want to include it .