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How to spot fake r200 notes

How to spot the fake banknotes The R50, R and R notes now have a four-millimetre-wide security thread with the text "SARB" and. R1 million worth of the fake R notes is reported to have hit the South African money market. If you end up with these notes you might not be able to use them. Our producer – Jason visited an ATM recently and drew some cash. Within the bundle of cash drawn was a R note that seemed a little.

Make sure you can tell if your banknotes and coins are real or fake. The new notes and coins will be in circulation from 13 July only from commercial banks. The inspiration for the R banknote comes from the moment. When placed side by side, the real (below) and fake (above), notes look On the R50, R and R banknotes the thread is 4mm wide. by the SARB Governor, Ms G Marcus on counterfeit notes in circulation South Africa has a family of five banknotes, with the R banknote.

The South African Reserve Bank explains which R notes remain legal tender and which ones should be exchanged for newer notes. How To Spot Those Fake R Mandela Banknotes Going Around a series of videos to highlight what makes the notes and coin special. The Bank first detected the R counterfeit in but you accept payment or change in R notes make sure there're the “real McCoy”.