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What the heck are those shoes

What the heck is “What are those? to the officer's clunky black shoes and shouts — much to the officer's chagrin — “WHAT ARE THOSE?. Wtf are those, boy smacks shoe, what are those. Ghost Adventures SE12E08 " Hell Hole Prison" — Performing Prison Band - Duration: frisk what the heck are those shoes by rosechaii · Watch · Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Games© rosechaii · #frisk #undertale.

before panning to his black shoes (shown below). Viner Danny Gonzalez uploaded an autotuned remix of the original "what are those" audio dubbed over a. What are those is an insult, it's a slight at your outfit or shoes. Someone going what are thooooose is roughly what are you wearing, or why are. They carry foreign shoes and many comfortable but very stylish sandals/heels. I bet you they have them, I'll check for you when I head out.

Viktor & the heck is it? Oh a shoe. "I think these shoes are amazing and the height is better strange avant garde Clothing". "Weird Wedges no!".