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When do chickens go to bed

to bed? Mine are still learning and I have to put them in every night - I go ou. If they were taking themselves to bed, when do they do this? ie how dark is it?. I just installed an automatic door opener to let my girls out in the morning and close them in at night. I can set it to open and close at whatever. However, chickens do not have night vision. So why do chickens NOT return to the Coop? What is Who'd want to sleep in a lice ridden bed!.

Hi I have three chicks - a light sussex male - about 7 weeks - (about the size of a large blackbird) a speckled maran - about 8 weeks - (about the. Hi, I'm surprised to see my chickens are going in to roost at about pm even though it is still light until atleast pm. I've seen a neighbours. If you're in a hurry for them to go inside early, good luck! Tossing out cracked corn is your best bet. They follow their own internal clocks, which have to do with.

Page 1 of 2: Everything is still very new as I've only had the chooks for a week tomorrow. They have settled in really well, there has been. Ideally, you want to design your coop so that your chickens sleep on their roosts instead of in their nest box. So how do you convince your chickens to use roosts.