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The imperial household

The imperial household

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a Portrait of the Imperial Family (Photo:Imperial Household Agency) The 80th Exhibits, The Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan. Official Duties and Public Activities. Official Duties and Public Activities in the Imperial Palace · Official Visits within Japan · Fostering friendly relations with. The Imperial Palace Information ; Kyoto/Sento Imperial Palace,Katsura/ Shugakuin Imperial Villa. Inquiry: Copyright c Imperial Household Agency. All Rights.

The Imperial Household Agency (宮内庁, Kunai-chō) is an agency of the government of Japan in charge of state matters concerning the Imperial Family, and. The Imperial House of Japan (皇室, kōshitsu), also referred to as the Imperial Family, and the Yamato Dynasty, comprises those members of the extended family. The Ministry of the Imperial Household (宮内省, Kunai-shō) was a division of the eighth century Japanese government of the Imperial Court in Kyoto, instituted in.

The Imperial Household Law of (皇室典範, Kōshitsu Tenpan) is a statute in Japanese law that governs the line of imperial succession, the membership of. The Imperial Household Council (皇室会議, Kōshitsu Kaigi) is a ten-member body to approve the statutory matters on the Imperial House of Japan. The Council. The Imperial Household Agency said Tuesday that the formal engagement and marriage of Princess Mako — the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito. 19 Jan It looks like there may be a difference in understanding and opinion between the prime minister's office and the Imperial Household Agency. 21 Oct Tokyo — The most secretive agency in Japan is not its intelligence organization. It is the Imperial Household Agency. The agency, or kunaicho.

The Imperial Household Law (). Chapter I. Succession to the Imperial Throne. Chapter II. Ascension and Enthronement. Chapter III. Majority, Institution of. Other articles where Imperial Household Department is discussed: They created an Imperial Household Department to forestall eunuchs from usurping. Dull and duller. The tour takes you through parking lots to the exterior of the actual palace and the exterior of the Imperial Household Agency. Not much to see. The Imperial Household, a key institution during Napoleon's reign, was responsible for the daily lives of the Imperial family; it consisted of six departments, each.

1 May Advance reservations can be made through the Imperial Household Agency (see links below), but same-day registrations before the start of the. 5 Mar The current Imperial House Law defines all offspring born into the imperial family as royalty according to a system of permanent membership. 1 Dec Today an Imperial House Council meeting was held. The Council decided on the view that the Special Measures Law on the Imperial. Artists to the Imperial Household were appointed under an honor system created to support artists and promote the fine arts. Artists to the Imperial Household.


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