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Actor who played jack bauers father

Like his parents, Cromwell was drawn to the theater, performing in everything from Kiefer Sutherland, who plays his son, Jack Bauer in Day 6, played Jack. Phillip Bauer was the father of Jack and Graem Bauer, as well as the Prior to Day 5, Phillip played a role in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy and was one of. Anna Stuart (m. ). Children, 3. Parent(s). John Cromwell · Kay Johnson. James Oliver Cromwell (born January 27, ) is an American actor. Some of his more From to , Cromwell played George Sibley in the HBO drama series He also guest starred as Phillip Bauer, father of lead character Jack, in the.

Jack Bauer is a fictional character and the lead protagonist of the Fox television series Family, Phillip Bauer (father) 24 co-creator Joel Surnow commented that they did not have any actors in mind for the part; "We didn't really know. forthcoming Season 6 of 24 to meet Jack Bauer's estranged dad, Phillip Bauer. Fox announced today that he'll be played by Six Feet Under's. James Cromwell, Actor: The Green Mile. theatre (like his parents) doing everything from Shakespeare to experimental plays. Phillip Bauer . Jake Fellows.

JAMES Cromwell is one of the most recognizable character actors in Hollywood, currently ubiquitous as Jack Bauer's menacing dad on “24”. 7 Proving he's the hardest man on television, Jack Bauer has killed 19 The 24 team must love actor Tony Todd (Candyman) – he played. After playing Jack Bauer for a ninth season, he decided now was the up of friends of Kiefer Sutherland – actors he has worked with before. Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the a career renaissance in the new millennium as a result of playing Jack Bauer on the first time that Donald and Kiefer have played father and son in a film.