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How to eat fish head soup

For a deboned fish head's soup, I like salmon heads. Some lazy people—I mean, some people—just want to eat their soup out of a bowl with a spoon. This is. "I grew up with all the eyeballs I could eat." Eat them up, yum! [Photographs: Chichi Wang] More Nasty Bits! Stir-Fried Frogs with Bell Peppers in Black Bean. "My son is 7; this is our treat we eat together. Husband and other kids aren't interested. We like it like that." Discuss: fish heads.

The fish's head suffers a similar, arbitrary prejudice as we shun all parts but the . the heads are perfectly suited for broths and stocks for soups and stews. We eat with our eyes first, even if we are eating, well, the eyes first. Where I come from, fish heads are bait. Okay, I come from Manhattan, but when my family would go down the Jersey shore during the summer. Think twice before throwing out those flavoursome fish heads. for fish heads is one economy that's easy to make and tasty to eat. A little closer to home, the French know a thing or two about fish soup and fish heads have enough flavour to.

Eating fish head will add more meat and flavor to your meals. It's a great You can even turn it into a nutritious stock for soups and sauces. With the larger species of fish, you cannot eat the bones. However all the fleshy If preparing for soup, keep the fish including the head, in chunks. The smallest. If you really want to fight food waste, eat fish heads, the U.N. says. to China and South Korea, where they are prized for making fish soup.