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Oracle sql boolean in where clause

Basically, oracle has a boolean datatype only for PLSQL. So, as long as you stay in plsql you can use them but not in SQL. From documentation. Sorry, you can't do that directly. SQL, unlike PL/SQL, has no BOOLEAN data type. Most people who want to use functions like yours in SQL. Boolean expressions in a WHERE clause have a highly liberal syntax; see WHERE Note: Derby also accepts the!= operator, which is not included in the SQL.

Hi, I have a package that has a function and it's return type is BOOLEAN. In pl/sql, I'm able to say: [code] IF (outtatheblueband.com_qualify(p_profile_id)). The Basics of SQL and Oracle Databases Use Comparison and Logical Operators in a WHERE Clause . example, the following SQL query combines two comparison operators with the help of the AND boolean operator. I have a function which returns boolean value, I need to use this function in a where clause of a query. If the function returns true for a particular row, then that.

The AND operator is a logical operator that combines Boolean expressions and In addition, we use the AND operator in the predicate of the JOIN clause to. This data type is only available in PL/SQL and not in SQL, thus using Boolean values in an SQL statement has always been impossible until Oracle version. If the boolean parameter value is 'false', return only those rows where the date field IS NULL OR 2. This is my base query, I've left the where clause empty. When you do not explicitly specify an ELSE clause of your own, PL/SQL A searched CASE statement evaluates a list of Boolean expressions and, when it.