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Where to carp fish in winter

THE colder months can provide some cracking carp sport - if you know what you' re doing. These 9 winter carp fishing tips from Angler's Mail. Location is the most important part of winter carp fishing. Rob Hughes gives you his guide to where the fish are hiding. You can only catch. The colour white seems to grab the attention of lethargic carp like no other in cold water. I never go winter carp fishing without either some white.

Top 11 Winter Tips. Shallow water. Much to the opposite of what people believe, carp in winter will often flock to shallower areas of the. Carp fishing in winter can be hit and miss but follow Ben Cooper's five steps to help you improve your cold weather catch-rate. Want to know. Carp shoal up tight and don't often move far in winter, so if you see any activity it's well worth fishing in that area. Once you've found an area where the carp will.

Every bite is hard earned at this time of year but in return the carp tend to I enjoy my winter fishing as much, if not more so, than summer so. Korda movies from Korda on Sky Sports re-runs to tips and guidance from the Korda team. Crucial winter carp fishing tips. Terry Hofgartner passes on his best cold water carp fishing tips gained through many seasons fishing through the winter months.