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How can you lighten your eye color

Allow direct sunlight to reach your iris. I had a girlfriend with very dark eyes, and a chance photo, in sunlight, in black and white they could have been blue. A person may want to change their eye color for cosmetic reasons or because they have a condition that alters the pigmentation of the iris. Although you can easily adjust your eye color with contacts, you may want to try With hazel eyes, wear medium gold, yellow or light green to lighten your eyes.

Leave a stained shirt in the sun, and it will “sun bleach” the stain right out. Yet staring directly into the sun to lighten your eye color is dangerous. See Also: Eye color chart Are brown-eyed people more trustworthy? Learn about the study What causes hazel eyes All about blue eyes Is. Buy iCOLOUR Color Changing Eye Drops - Change Your Eye Color Naturally of time, allowing your eyes to adapt to the sensitivity of sunlight as they lighten.

If you've ever thought your eyes have changed color - you're not going crazy. There are a lot of reasons why your eyes might at least appear to. There are ways to temporarily change your eye color, but can you change it permanently? Here's what you need to know. Change eye colour: An innovative eye drop that naturally lightens eyes. % safe, effective, natural and organic. View our full range of natural eye drops.