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How to copy formatted text in excel

Normal way to copy formatted text in Microsoft Office Applications: Select the example text/cell with the wanted format. Click on the Format. For example, to paste only formatting from the copied cell, click Formatting the paste Only formulas and number formats (not text formats) from copied cells. When you cut or copy text and then paste it into your document, do you want the text to look the way it did originally, or do you want it to look like the surrounding.

Use the Format Painter in Office to quickly apply the same text formatting and other formatting, such as borders and fills to multiple pieces of text or shapes. Try this in B1: =TEXT(A1, ""). Hope this helps. Click the down-arrow on the Paste Options button and you'll see a menu with icons that lets you format copied text in different ways.

I want to copy cells from Excel into Powerpoint as formatted text, keeping the font. This helpfile says, "Note: When you copy text from another. This short tutorial shows how to copy formatting in Excel using (cell background color); Text alignment, direction and orientation; Cell borders. Start Microsoft Word and open the document to copy to Excel. 2. Highlight the text and any images to paste into the Excel spreadsheet by dragging the cursor to highlight it, right-clicking Here, you can change the text, formatting and layout.