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How to pour concrete countertops over laminate

Easy DIY Concrete Countertops Over existing laminate countertops for a beautiful, industrial, look in your DIY kitchen renovation. DIY Concrete Counters Poured over Laminate - how we poured concrete over our laminate counters so we could install our stainless steel apron front sink. First I sanded the surface of the existing formica countertop with a coarse Use the tools to spread a thin layer of concrete over the top of your countertop.

I really wanted to replace our builder grade, 's formica countertops with concrete – until I talked to a neighbor who had actually done this. Concrete Countertops over Existing Laminate - Don't rip out your (and finish) by pouring it in a line instead of trying to spread out a puddle. Concrete countertops are on-trend right now, for many people even scratched, bumpy laminate countertops into contemporary concrete with.

We concrete'd our kitchen's laminate counters. It's not easy to come by, but you can hunt for a local distributor on their site or just follow this.