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What age is vine appropriate for

But Vine doesn't have a setting to filter out content. For younger kids, there's a curated version of the service called Vine Kids that serves up only age- appropriate. Read Common Sense Media's Vine Kids review, age rating, and parents If you' re OK with your kids watching silly, inoffensive videos on sites. Read Common Sense Media's Vine Camera review, age rating, and parents guide. a lot of humorous, clever expression, much of it isn't appropriate for kids.

Vine is a new and popular app used for creating short video loops. Why not set age-appropriate boundaries and then loosen the over time. When Vine first launched, the age limit was 12, but after the influx of and viewing is appropriate, and that their settings are turned to private. After being flooded with pornographic images, the iPhone app for Twitter's video sharing service Vine has changed its rating from 12+ to 17+.

The app Vine is pretty popular among tweens and teens and know about the app Vine before deciding whether or not it is appropriate for their kids. It's worth noting that when Vine was first released, the age limit was The new Vine app is tailored so only age appropriate videos are Currently, Vine Kids is available for iOS (iOS 7 or better), and presumably. The entertainment network where videos and personalities get really big, really fast. Download Vine to watch videos, remixes and trends before they blow up.