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What are white patches on nails

White spots on your fingernails are common and usually do not indicate a serious problem. Many healthy adults may have these spots at some. White spots on nails is also known as leukonychia, but what are they? What causes them, how can white spots be treated, and can they be. The white spots on nail you notice are not caused by a calcium deficiency. These white spots in fingernails are called "leukonychia" and are very common.

Leukonychia (or leuconychia), also known as white nails or milk spots, is a medical term for white discolouration appearing on nails–9 It is derived from the. “My husband used to have a LOT of white spots on his nails, and he recently radically changed his diet. He fell off the wagon for one week and. If you have white spots on your nails, read this to figure out what's causing it and how to treat them.

If you have lived your life being completely baffled about why you still have white marks on your fingernails, we're finally about to solve the. Although white spots on fingernails are usually a sign of nutrient deficiency, they may also appear due to fungal infections. Wondering if there. White spots or leukonychia on children's nails is quite a common issue. Read through this article to know what does white spots on your child's. How to Get Rid of White Spots on Your Nails. Medically speaking, those little white marks that sometimes appear as dots or lines on finger and toenails are.