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What colors make flesh colored fondant

I've been asked to make a baby shower cake with a baby on top. Does anyone know what the best color to use to tint my fondant skin colored. Or, use Wilton candy colors to create custom candy shades . How to get skin color fondant | Find Your Cake Cake Decorating Techniques, Cake Decorating. Tutorial skin color by Sarah Kay Sugar - CakesDecor Fondant Figures Use our pre-made fondant and gum paste colors with this guide to make any color!.

You can make the flesh color as dark or light as you want by adding a little rose or brown gel food coloring to make the flesh the color that you need it to be. If you are trying to replicate the color of human skin when decorating a cake, cupcake or any other food product, the accuracy of the color will be a crucial factor. You can fully color the fondant or create a marble effect. As well as More brown than pink or yellow, even if you're creating lighter skin tones. The brown will be.

Add 3–4 drops of red food coloring to white frosting. Then add 2–3 drops of yellow for a “white” or Caucasian skin color. Assuming you mean. So I'm doing.a baby shower cAke for a boy well they want it to be camo and ontop the cake they want a nest wit a baby in it and I need to kno.