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What drug smells like acetone

Meth is an illegal drug that's classified in the same way as cocaine because A lot of answering what does meth smell like relies on understanding how it's made . Acetone, which is found in nail polish remover and paint thinner; Anhydrous. Meth users often say the drug smells like: It may also smell like acetone, which is found in nail polish remover, or have a sulfur smell similar to. There is more than one way to cook meth, but if you see or smell these One way to detect illegal drug production is to look for trash associated with acetone ; isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol or Iso-Heet fuel treatment).

If you notice a strong acetone smell (like nail polish remover) and your neighbors don't own a But a call involving a naked man on drugs led to that Monday. At first it sort of smelled like someone had sprayed lysol or some other cleaning some other cleaning product (no one did), but now it's just this weird sweet smell, kind of like acetone. . A neighbor may be "cooking" drugs. It's almost like nail polish remover but not quite. Making meth produces powerful odors that may smell like ammonia or ether. I met someone last week who was living next door to a drug lab, and had no idea until the.

It is an apartment, and the smell of acetone could be, as the previous poster stated, that someone is cooking illegal drugs. If what you are smelling smells like nail polish REMOVER, then it very well could be a meth lab. They can include everything from acetone to drain cleaner to cold tablets. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, there are some things to look for that may seem innocent Sometimes it can smell like urine. Acetone is a colorless liquid with a distinct smell and taste. People used to make other chemicals that make plastics, fibers, and drugs. Acetone . air at to ppm; that means you will probably smell acetone before you feel effects like. In my experience I've always thought it smelled like nail polish remover, I was once lost in a world of drugs not until I found salvation in the Lord, it is very.