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Colored pencils how to make your eyeliner

Try a multi-colored look. Use different colored pencils in the same design to get a bold, creative look. Try one or two colors. Hi:D I recently got back into makeup again but didnt want to buy any products. Thats what inspired this idea. Ingredients: A small bowl. Colored pencil. Water. No matter if you prefer black or brown, pencil, gel or liquid liner, we can all agree on one thing: those damn eyeliner sticks are too easy to lose. And they also can.

In addition to eyeliner, Levin says she also uses the pencils on her as make-up , our colored pencils or crayons have not been tested in the. Beauty bloggers have been recommending using colored pencils soaked in hot water as an eyeliner substitute, telling viewers that because the. This time, people are using crayola colored pencils as eyeliners in place that using the pencils is " percent safe" and "it's easy and cheap".

Using colored pencils as eyeliner is a terrible idea, Crayola tells beauty lessons: “How to make eyeliner with crayola pencils,” “Face makeup.