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How can salinized soil be remediated def

Soil salinity control relates to controlling the problem of soil salinity and reclaiming salinized agricultural land. The aim of soil salinity control is to prevent soil degradation by salination and reclaim already salty (saline) soils. Soil reclamation is also called soil improvement, rehabilitation, remediation. A process used to treat soils contaminated by heavy metals or other pollutants by removing and converting them into less harmful products. For purposes of definition, saline soils are those which have an electrical In field conditions, saline soils can be recognized by the spotty growth of crops and .

The halophytes can effectively improve the saline soil as they are well adjusted in salt Unquestionably, this definition is not quite complete since there is a. The remediation of salt-affected soil using chemical agents, including gypsum Do you mean remediation of saline soils for engineering applications?. It depends on what you mean by restoring the saline soil. On the other hand, if you want to remediate soil contamination by salts, this is a different situation.

Definition of land. How to remediate land/soil degradation .. 2. Reclamation of saline and sodic soils. The aim of the present study was to remediate saline soil using organic matter The mean values were compared using Tukey-B test and analyzed with SPSS. In saline soils, the concentration of salt in the soil water can rise above % and climatic conditions where mean annual potential evapotranspiration exceeds . In terms of remediation, although efforts have been made, the lake and its. Soil salinization refers to the process of salt accumulation in terrestrial .. The Debye-Hückel law predicts that the mean activity coefficient of an ion in an.