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How to make nail stamping polish

But never fear because Amy McG, expert stamper behind Polish Etc. (@mcpolish ) is here to share all the secrets that will make you a pro in no. Nail Art, Sloths, and taking something that already exists and making it my own. Did you know you could easily stamp intricate patterns on your nails using. Some kits come with a special stamping polish. top coat to protect the design and to make the nail polish last longer.

All you really need are nail stamping plates, nail stamping polish, and a clear nail stamper. Of course, there are different accessories available that can make the. Start by checking out our tips for picking the perfect nail stamping polish. It's hard to narrow down exactly which polishes will do the stamping trick, so it's best . DIY nail polish can also be called Franken polish! And then, I read an article about how to make a stamping polish by my sweet friend Cassis.

You all know that I dont have my whole nail collection with me currently and that is Continue reading to know how to make stamping polish.