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Sai how to move line art chibi

Is there any way to move a certain part of your lineart in Sai? I sometimes draw things in incorrect places, and I would rather not want to draw it. I recently discovered using the Linework layer on SAI but I talked to many . I have to set up two lineart layers and the second lineart layer is the one that has the pen and eraser while lineart layer 1 doesn't. . if i try to move any points it moves my whole lineart what have i done lol . Chibi Jun by mayoujii. Hope this helps.. i've never done one before Paint tool sai linework tut. A little late in the game, but i have ask-Is a way to click on a line to move without adding another cp? The only way to do so is to merge the line art layer youre working on with a regular layer. and . Tuts Ref Guides etc by Aka-Chibi.

as far as i know, you can't select-drag a whole line on the Linework Layer but you can drag lines on a normal layer you can Transfer Down or. Anonymous said: What brushes do you use for your line art? Answer: I primarily use these settings for most of my lines / sketching I also set my eraser with the. Explore Val's board "Lineart Techniques and Ways to Improve" on Pinterest. drawing illustration cartoon comic book manga anime resource tool how . Paint Tool SAI Tutorial Digital Painting Tutorials, Digital Art Tutorial, . The straights move the eye towards the areas of curves, bumps and details.

I'd like to know how I can make the line art so incredibly perfect that I can or line layer tool in paint tool sai, because those take far too much time, Draw long smooth lines by locking your wrist and moving your whole arm. or http://celesse inter if you like anime style).