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This is how i feel on mondays

Weekend Quotes: QUOTATION – Image: Quotes Of the day – Description What do you mean its already monday monday monday quotes monday sucks happy. Monday, where sometimes you need to wake up, but rather not and sleep in. You feel warm on the inside, a slob on the outside. Tuesday, where the week is. Mondays are hard days. Not only does the sudden shift between weekend mode and work leave us stressed, but we tend to feel worse about.

Find and save Monday Feels Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More. My children know nothing about that 'Monday morning feeling'. Every day is good as far as they are concerned. We wake up each morning with. This is how I feel about Mondays: I woke up this morning to find a young elephant seal napping in front of Palmer Station. Yawning excessively.

Post with votes and views. Tagged with funny, aww, fitness; Shared by ThePhantom How I Feel At Work On Monday Morning. Post with 52 votes and 87 views. Tagged with,,, Current Events; Shared by jop1. How I feel on Monday.