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What causes a enlarged uterus

An enlarged uterus can be a symptom of a variety of medical issues. WebMD explains possible causes and treatment options. In this article, learn about enlarged uterus, how this condition is caused, the complications and risks associated with it, and the treatment. The average uterus, which is also known as a woman’s womb, measures 3 to 4 inches by inches. A variety of medical conditions can cause the uterus to increase in size, including pregnancy or uterine fibroids. Read on to learn more about the causes and symptoms of an enlarged.

"I recently had a CT scan and was told that my uterus was enlarged. What size is normal? Is there cause for concern?". Displaced endometrial tissue from adenomyosis can cause an enlarged uterus and painful, heavy periods. Many times, an enlarged uterus is not cause for alarm. However, there are some conditions that will need a medical intervention.

An enlarged uterus may be due to accumulation of endometrial fluid. cancer), and endometrial hyperplasia contribute to causes of fluid accumulation (Fig. An enlarged uterus is very common finding during a routine physical exam. The best type of physician to continue seeing for this is your OBGYN. A wo. This condition occurs when cells that line the inside of the uterus are abnormally located in the uterine wall (myometrium). This can result in an enlarged uterus. There may be numerous reasons for the uterus to become swollen or enlarged with the most common reason being a uterine fibroid.