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What is pep talk in endomondo review

Pep Talk. Friends can be great motivators in the process of reaching your goals. With the pep talk feature, you can send a message to a friend that is out tracking. Endomondo Fitness App uploaded by Lidia Z. Endomondo Fitness App uploaded by Mechele O. + Add A Leave a Review The Audio Coach feature updates you on your performance after each mile and the Peptalk feature offers notes of. Yup, if you log on using Facebook and other friends are using endomondo, then they can (from the main web page) send you a pep talk!.

Review: Endomondo Sports Tracker and Social Fitness App to “Auto pause,” just like on my Garmin, and I can turn “Audio Coach” or “Peptalk” on or off. This year's Pep Talk Awards have yielded some of the greatest motivational gems thus far, and as A Look Back at the Best Pep Talks of appeared first on Endomondo. Trending News - Withings Body Cardio review - withings's Logo. Endomondo: Endomodo app review: The smart workout app. There is Endomondo Blog Great Motivations: A Look Back at the Best Pep Talks of

What's the funniest or most efficient peptalk you ever sent or received?. Perhaps my favorite social feature is that if you notice a friend is currently exercising with Endomondo, you can send them a “peptalk” – just type. There is an option available to get an audio coach (Under Audio Feedback settings), and this will give you pep talk, as well as feedback about lap time, distance.