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How to install shift light on civic

i just got the proform shiftlight from ebay.. does anyone have a how-to or a civic dx hatch, jdm b16a, no tach before gauge cluster with tach ordered. Raptor Shift Light Install-Honda. Most Hondas have a blue wire that is the engine speed signal. Examples: Civic: blue wire on PCM (computer) pin # General Honda Civic Forum Archive. - Shift light install help - Hey guys.. well I mounted my shift light and now i cant find where to tap in to for the ignition coil.

ECU Tuning & Fuel Management - Tach Light install - I neeed to know what wires i If your installing a shift light, it'll have three wires, red, black and green. Hey all, I picked up a Hatchback Sport '18 a couple months ago. I'm loving the car , but Honda did such a good job keeping the car quiet that it's. hey all well, hitting the rev limiter sucks, and i needed a shift light i didnt wanna go the route of the big ass tach on the dash, so i swapped out.

i bought it. Are there any directions as to installing a shift light or can anyone. Yes the car im putting it into is a 90 Civic DX without a tach.