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How we share the planet

share of the planet's resources. People must recognize their role as caretakers of the Earth. We must become preservers rather than merely users. In the story. How We Organize Ourselves · Who We Are · How We Express · Sharing the Planet · Where We are in Place and Time · How the World Works · 2nd Grade. Transdisciplinary Theme - How We Share the Planet. Title - Once It's Gone, It's Gone! Central Idea - Once a species is extinct, it can't be. brought back again.

Sharing The Planet. PREP UNIT OF An inquiry into the struggle to share finite resources with other What do we want the students to remember for a lifetime?. Transdisciplinary theme: SHARING THE PLANET. -An inquiry evidence, including student-initiated actions, will we look for? -The students. share finite resources with other people and other living things useful for our planet. Concepts: Change Central Idea: How we deal with our waste impacts.

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