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The place where you belong traduction english-french

I don't feel as though I belong here. Je ne me sens pas à ma place ici. You don't belong here. Tu n'es pas à ta place ici. to belong in jail (= deserve to be) mériter. Whch city you belong to?/ Which city do you hail from? Explanation: NoExplanation needed. Example sentence(s). Which city do you hail from. Bullet for My Valentine A Place Where You Belong lyrics: You're gone! / You're gone! English As I read the words I hear you telling me why.

belong - traduction anglais-français. Forums La place de cette chaise est à côté de la table. He finally found a group where he belonged - the Chess Club. Definition of belong - be the property of, be a member of (a particular group or organization), (of a thing) be rightly placed in a specified position. toBe the property of. 'the vehicle did not belong to him' .. French napoleonic soldiers x Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus 2 n-sing You can use the place to refer to the point, building, area, town, .. Cooked kidney beans can be used in place of French beans. 44 If someone or something seems out of place in a particular situation, they do not seem to belong there or to be suitable.

Translation of "belong" - English-Turkish dictionary. belong. verb uk ​ /bɪˈlɒŋ/ us ​. belong in/on/there, etc. ​. B2 to be in the right place. doğru yerde olmak. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Arabic Dictionary. Translation of "belong " - English-Arabic dictionary to be in the right place belong to something. Some words in the German language are so culturally specific, they just don't exist in English. Many translated example sentences containing "do they belong to" – English- Polish dictionary and search engine for English translations.