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What is a taxicab medallions

A taxi medallion, also known as a CPNC is a transferable permit in the United States allowing a taxi driver to operate. A number of major cities in the US use. Medallion taxicabs are named after the medallion issued by the TLC There were 13, taxicab medallion licenses in existence. In New York City and other cities, a "medallion" is required in order to legally pick up passengers flagging on the street. Medallions.

When FBI agents raided the home and office of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday, they were after. This month, nearly yellow taxi medallions will head for bankruptcy auction, where they will be sold for a fraction of their original value. Some taxi owners say they cannot hold on much longer as they lose riders and fares to Uber and other rivals, and their taxi medallions plummet.

For taxi drivers, disruption is not only financially destabilizing, but also . But the days of being able to retire on a yellow cab medallion might be. It's convenient to blame Uber and Lyft for drivers' woes, but the taxi lobby's greed plays a role. Hundreds of San Francisco taxi drivers purchased medallions for $ to drive in the city. Taxi incomes have plummeted after Uber and Lyft.